Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice vs. Heat Pasteurized Juices

Ever noticed the considerable differences in both smell and taste between store-bought juices and freshly squeezed organic juices? If you’re keen, you’ll right away notice the disparity in their flavor and smell. Freshly squeezed juices taste fresh, natural. But the same cannot be said of the store-bought juice. Have you ever wondered what the disparities in taste actually mean? Store-bought juices contain preservatives and additives, while organic juices are raw, living juices.

Store-bought juices taste different since they've been waiting on the shelf for months on end, not to mention they are made from concentrates. So their tastes are artificial because largely they’re developed in a lab by a method that breaks down the essence of the fruits and creates special flavor packs. These concentrates are then preserved in the juice through pasteurization. Sadly, pasteurization kills nutrients and vitamins hence making the juice nutritionally pointless.

Heat pasteurized juices are ultra-heated to high temperatures for a period of time prior to their being sold or placed on shelves. While this might sound satisfactory, it makes the juices ineffective as minerals, enzymes and vitamins have been killed by extreme heat. Organic juices, on the other hand, contain no additives or preservatives. They are 100% pure, natural fruits. But how exactly do you enable organic juices to be bottled without any preservatives and additives?

Cold pressing is the only method of juicing that allows natural, freshly squeezed juices to be bottled (without preservatives) and still maintain a 3-day shelf life. Cold pressed juice then end up creating juice cleanse that has a 72-hour expiry period. The cold-pressing juice technique is relatively simple. To extract juice from fruits and vegetables without sacrificing potent enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins, 5,000 pounds of hydraulic pressure is applied to remove the juice.

Cold pressed juice contains almost three to five times more minerals and vitamins than other juices that have used different kinds juicing methods including pasteurization. Even the flavor is sensational as the juice produced from the hydraulic press is pulp-free and so fine. It can easily be absorbed into the blood stream and within minutes (read: ten to fifteen) feed your cells thus beneficial to your body. Cold pressed juice cleanse has more nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins.

If you’re looking to cleanse your body, take a one-day juice cleanse from, or a three-day or even a five-day cleanse pack. The benefit of these packs is like pressing pause for a day. Your body gets a 24-hour rest (1-day pack), 72-hour rest (3-day pack), or 120-hour rest (5-day pack) to heal off. Also, your body gets a lot of minerals, enzymes and nutrients to absorb into the system. Cold pressed juice cleanse is all you need to keep your body healthy each day.